Amina Kitching on Safe Skincare & Conscious Buying

Amina Kitching, Organic Riot,

Amina Kitching, Made Safe Non-Toxic™ Founder on Safe Skincare & Conscious Buying 

At Organic Riot we are obsessed with using the safest ingredients available for your skincare. Getting the Made Safe non-toxic certification was a validation to this commitment to safety. Here’s Amina Kitching, the founder of the Safe Cosmetics Australia that pioneered the first non-toxic certification program in Australia sharing her views exclusively with Organic Riot on safe skincare and the need for buyers to become conscious of their buying choices.


  • Why is safety such an important aspect in Skincare today?

 Raising chemical awareness not only protects human health, it also helps to protect the environment and marine life. The physical and biological effects of chemicals should be considered before chemicals are permitted for use in products, but sadly there is no such pre-market regulatory process in many countries to properly test the health and safety of chemicals used in cosmetics, personal care and household products. Therefore consumers really need to consider their health and safety when it comes to using cosmetics.


  • What can one do to better equip themselves to know more about safety?

 SCA encourages consumers to learn more about chemicals and to always read the product label. Following the manufacturer's instructions for use is essential, as is finding out more about ingredients you are not familiar with. For many people the simplest solution is to look for independent certifications that provide a greater standard in manufacturing compared to products that do not adhere to an industry standard.


  • Any message for Beauty consumers?

 When purchasing a product always ensure that the manufacturer has published a full list of ingredients at the point of sale. In Australia, it is illegal to sell a product without an ingredient label but quite often the ingredient label is concealed with a second label therefore the ingredients are not actually visible, and this is not an accident! Brands that conceal their product ingredients often have something to hide, a dirty little secret - toxic chemicals. All of Safe Cosmetics Australia’s brands publish their product ingredients at the point of sale, all ingredients are clearly visible for consumers to review and make an educated decision.



Not so long ago, natural skin care just meant it had one maybe two natural ingredients in it. Today, the Natural & Organic cosmetics market is the fastest growing beauty trend that is revered for its ability to improve the skin & to help reduce the  use of nasty toxic chemicals harming our body & the environment.

Eating healthy food means choosing raw unprocessed foods, this same rule can be applied to choosing products that make a positive difference to your health & protecting the environment & marine life. When common sense is applied to the safe use of chemicals they can be used safely with minimal impact to your health. But, do you wear a mask when you use bleach? Or protective gloves? Compromising your health can take years if not decades for the harmful effects to present. Now is the time to practice chemical safety, read the product label & follow the advice on how to protect your health.

Cosmetic ingredients are still classed as ‘industrial chemicals’ because the government has not tackled the issue of chemicals in cosmetics in relation to consumer health. Therefore the industry is self-regulated. This means that whilst every brand does not seek to harm consumers, they are permitted to use an endless array of chemicals that are available for use in Australia. There are over 40,000+ chemicals available without laws to restrict or exclude the known harmful chemicals from products, some of which are banned in the EU, Japan & Canada.

The question remains, is consumer health at risk? SCA urges you to make your own decision by researching & understanding the consequences of using chemicals, especially those that are applied to the body, on young people, the elderly & those that are sick or allergic. Having trained in Nutritional Medicine, I prefer Natural & Organic products that contain a high content of Vitamins, Minerals & Natural ingredients that are scientifically proven to benefit the skin & body. SCA Safe Cosmetics Australia & OBB continues to grow into trusted online resources.

Article by Amina Kitching, Editor at OBB. Founder of Safe Cosmetics Australia, The Toxic-Free Campaign.


Amina Kitching Conscious Buying Made Safe Safe Skincare

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