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What do you think about Organic Riot in terms of its attention to Safety?

Organic Riot's ingredient philosophy is exactly what consumers should be looking for in a brand that cares about their health.

Approaching beauty and skin care products from a health point of view is essential. Brands that adopt a more natural and unprocessed approach to formulating their products are not only putting your health first, but they are also helping to reduce the toxic burden of chemical production on a global scale. After all, what we put on our bodies is washed down the sink or shower where it eventually makes its way into the environment, into the land and oceans that we rely on for food. Marine life in particular suffers as a consequence. Many chemicals are poisonous to marine life or hormone disrupting, while others never break down and can be consumed by marine life. If you eat seafood then you may have already connected the cycle of chemical use in everyday products to marine life and our food chain. Nobody wants to eat plastic or hormone disrupting chemicals. It is fantastic to see that Organic Riot uses BPA free plastic for their packaging, this completely avoids the risk of BPA leaching into the actual product that you apply directly to your skin, where it can be absorbed into the body causing terrible issues with hormone disruption including fertility.

Fruit oils and extracts offer skin-nutrition. Organic Riot have selected healthier natural ingredients including replacing synthetic parabens and fragrances with natural sourced ingredients that aren't mass produced and made from man-made chemicals that are linked to some of the worst allergies. Tamanu Seed oil for example, is one of the stars of their range, it is a wonderful anti-aging ingredient that benefits a wide range of natural treatments. Tamanu oil is ideal for treating acne and for healing acne scars, soothing eczema and psoriasis. It is also beneficial for treating stretch marks, age spots, skin rashes, toenail issues and dermatitis. If you are looking for a safe and healthy brand then I highly recommend choosing Organic Riot for their commitment to producing natural Toxic-Free products that utilise key ingredients that have been tried, tested and loved for centuries.


  • What does it mean to have “Made Safe and Australian Toxic Free Certified” safe skincare?


The cosmetics industry is largely self-regulated. Independent certifications, like Safe Cosmetics Australia’s Made Safe® logo and the Australian Certified Toxic-Free® logo, provides consumers with a readily identifiable way to choose products that are made without common irritants that are too often found in mainstream cosmetics and personal care products. The certification criteria is available on the website for consumers to equip themselves with the necessary knowledge to avoid nasty chemicals that are linked to adverse health effects. Safe Cosmetics Australia established the first Toxic-Free certification program in 2010, today our trusted logos are readily identifiable on over 1,550+ products, in total an estimated 775,000+ products sold each and every year. This figure is steadily growing, now in its eighth year we have over 80+ brands certified and more than 30 brands working towards a Toxic-Free approach to formulating their products.  


  • Why is Australian Allergy Certified an important certification?


For many people, allergies can become an issue after years of using mainstream products that can contain chemicals that are known to disrupt the skin, potentially leading to allergies. Dermatologists warn against the use of popular paraben based products because parabens are known to dry the skin leading to skin irritation and worse, eczema. Identifying products that are free from chemicals that are commonly known to trigger asthma, allergies and skin irritation, and products that are clinically tested and found to be suitable for sensitive allergy prone skin types, is the first choice for allergy suffers, the sick or elderly, teenagers, babies and young children alike. Brands that meet SCA’s Allergy Certified® seal have passed a document based review confirming that the ingredients used to formulate their products are safe for sensitive allergy prone skin types based on the criteria established by SCA. People who know that they have allergies should always avoid known irritants completely, for everyone else, choosing an Allergy Certified® product provides the healthiest solution to minimising the potential risk of developing an allergy or skin irritation from using a cosmetic, personal care or household product.

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