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We love beauty, but we’re not just a beauty brand. We’re an honest movement.

In our quest for a safer world, we’re working towards empowering everyone with knowledge about skincare – what you can trust and what you shouldn’t.

Everybody is born with soft, supple skin but stress, pollution, and merely just the passage of time changes that. And often, in your attempt to care for it, your skin has to brave harsh and unsafe chemicals. But skin is forgiving, so any damage caused only shows signs in the long run.

Organic Riot is changing this by creating an uncompromisingly safe range of products that you can trust and use without a shadow of doubt.

Everything is made with love, care and the highest quality natural ingredients, sourced locally and globally – we’ve got ingredients coming all the way from the rainforests in South America to farms located near volcanoes in New Zealand, and also some closer to home, like the Western Ghats in Maharashtra. Every product is formulated with a specific purpose, combining the best elements nature has to offer with the power of science.

The result is a collection of gentle products that work to restore your skin to its purest, most natural form.

More curious about Organic Riot?
Read our founder, Siddharth Somaiya's interview on why he started the brand here. Our efforts towards sustainability are recognized in the industry with Organic Riot winning Sustainability Icon Brand of the Year during the Vogue Beauty Awards 2020.

Our superstar natural-skincare formulator

We got one of the world’s first and most awarded natural skincare formulators to create our products. She’s been in the forefront of formulating problem solving natural skincare for 40 years now and has been profiled in international magazines like Marie Claire, Wallpaper and issues of the UK, Japanese and German Vogue.

For her work in using natural skincare for the betterment of society, she has been given the Queen Elizabeth's Honours Award – one of the most prestigious awards given to civilians by Queen Elizabeth herself. In the 80s, she founded one of the world’s first natural skincare brands that had received accolades like Best Natural Skincare range and Most Ethical Company. While she was helming the company, she was honoured with over 20 awards including the very popular Natural Beauty Formulation Awards.

Skincare that cares

We pride ourselves on our insistence for using only pure ingredients that are backed by some of the safest food-grade and eco certified natural preservatives. No fillers. No dilution. Everything you see on the ingredients label is present for the betterment of your skin.

We think, when it comes to your skin, no risk is worth taking.

Playing Sherlock Holmes for ingredients

Our product development team is obsessed with inspecting every ingredient before incorporating them in our products. We don’t stop until we are certain that their safety and effectiveness is second to none.

We also insist that you, as a consumer, should be fully aware of what you’re putting on your skin and how it affects you. For instance, loads of people enjoy scented skincare products. And while they may feel temporarily luxurious to use, did you know that synthetic fragrances have been known to sometimes pack as many as 3,000+ chemical ingredients? These include hormone disruptors that wreak havoc in your body and carcinogens that have been linked to cancer. Fragrance formulae are allowed to remain undisclosed, so often you can’t be certain of what goes into the final product.

Skin absorbs products applied to its surface. This includes water, vitamins, minerals, and other good stuff, but also these harmful elements. We scrutinize each raw material we use with Holistic Toxicity Assessment, based on the most stringent international standards.

Light as a cloud, powerful as thunder

We refrain from any chemical processing in order to reduce the toxic load on the body.
But to create a product that truly works, simply replacing synthetic chemicals isn’t enough.

 So, we focus on restoring balance.

Only an effective bioactive formulation can do this. It helps perfect the way skin functions, which eventually restores it to its natural form.

Think about it. It’s not just about coping with dry skin by applying moisturizer. It’s about helping restore vital skin functions so it isn’t dry all the time. Why would you need moisturizer 24 hours a day if it was effective? That’s the biodynamic way of thought. It requires a shift in consciousness where the process is more important than symptoms.

Practicing safe skincare #Abstinence

The word ‘preservative’ often comes with a negative connotation. And for good reason. As of today, one of the most commonly used preservatives is parabens. However, parabens possess oestrogen-mimicking properties associated with increased risk of breast cancer in women and fertility issues in men. These chemicals are absorbed through the skin and have even been identified in biopsy samples from tumors.

But here’s the deal. In tropical countries, preservatives are essential. They prevent the growth of bacteria, mould and yeast in skincare products. So skipping them isn’t a good idea either.

Which is why, we employ one of the safest available eco certified natural preservation systems that doesn’t trigger hormone disruption or contain carcinogenic properties. This keeps our products light and gentle. In addition, our cutting-edge packaging technology ensures no interaction between the outside atmosphere and the product, so it stays as fresh as the day it was packed.

Non-toxic packaging (WHAT ON EARTH IS BPA?)

In order to ensure all-round safety, we only use packaging made with BPA-free plastic.

BPA or bisphenol A was first synthesized in 1891 as the synthetic form of estrogen. Today, it is rampantly used in plastic bottles. Recent research links it strongly to hormone disruption, heart disease, diabetes, liver failure and DNA damage.

It also gravely impacts fertility. In Europe, pregnant women are strongly advised to not use any plastics with this ingredient as it can affect the baby. It reduces sperm count in men too. Over and above this, it is also a major environmental contaminant.
Learn more about why we use BPA-free plastic here.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Ed Begley Jr., an author of Living an Eco-Friendly Life, said, “If you're not buying recycled products, you're not really recycling.”

This resonates with us. Think about it – in order to close the recycling loop, it’s important for you, as a conscious consumer, to buy not just recyclable products, but also ones that are recycled.

Sustainability lies at the heart of what we do at Organic Riot.

For instance, each tube we produce out of recycled paper saves 850ML of water.

Learn more about our commitment to being gentle to the earth here. 

Animals are our friends

We’re one of India’s first 100% vegetarian skincare brands. With respect for the diverse cultures in the country, we’ve ensured that our products are free of animal fats, rendered fats, and oils.

We have also do not use any ethanol in our fragrance formulas to address those who are sensitive to Halal.

What’s purer than NZ

Organic Riot is an ode to the purity of New Zealand.

Tucked away at the bottom of the planet and surrounded by great oceans, it’s an ancient land of volcanoes, where plants grow with optimal strength and life-enriching qualities. The plant life here evolved without needing to protect itself from mammals, as only birds lived here before humans. Therefore, these plants possess many unique qualities that we want to harness for healing and health. This is why all our products are manufactured in the pristine land of New Zealand.

Our goal is to empower you by making you a discerning consumer. If you love skincare, it’s only fair that you educate yourself on every aspect of it. Look up the ingredients you’re using. Do your research. Speak to a doctor or professional. Research some more.

Let’s begin our journey towards becoming more conscious and informed about our skincare decisions, and we can change the world together.

Even more curious about Organic Riot?
Read our founder, Siddharth Somaiya's interview with Lifestyle Asia on why he started the brand here.