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Dazzle with dazzle

Love this product! It actually does what they say it does. Age spots and freckles have faded since I started using this product. And the only change to my skin care routine is using Dazzle! The added bonus is these are organic ingredients! Well done to the team at Organic Riot!

Must have

I am using the Smog-Block & Dazzle & i love them both. My skin is clearer & you can definitely feel it tightening almost immediately after application.
Not greasy & works perfectly under my make up x

The best

About to purchase the fifth cycle of Dazzle and Smog block. Still loving it, thanks Organic Riot


Loving my Dazzle. Hoping to see some fading of my pigmentation soon. I'd be very impressed if that happened. The texture is quite thick. The smell is lovely. Only thing I would say is that bigger tubes with more product in them would be good as an option to buy.

Zapped to PEACE!

After years of using a lose dose steroid gel to handle and soothe all the sudden inflammations, bumps, redness, itchiness and overall irritated skin, ZAP has shown a steroid free path to recover skin which is now calmer and which responds readily to the wonderful ingredients in ZAP. I couldn't be more relieved or happier! Thank you!

My skin is a lot better

Great product

Very pleased with results. Skin feels great and age spots have faded. Highly recommend.

Still going great!

I've used 5 rounds of Dazzle/Zap/Smog and I'm loving them! Worked wonders for my skin

Fades dark spots

Hi I am on my second tube of Organic Riot I switched to this because it contains natural ingredients. It seems to be lightening my pigmentation. I hope so in time they will disappear.

Great Product

Dazzle is definitely starting to reduce my pigmentation on my neck and even my skin tone on my face. Will be buying my next tube very soon.

Great eye cream

Love this product. Easy to apply and feels good.

Pores be gone

I have crates for pores and while I always use a primer as a quick fix, most skincare products haven't given me an instant and long lasting solution. Halo really has helped minimize my enlarged pores. On top of that I love how its brightens up your face the next morning. I also feel it has helped fade away the pigmentation i have around my mouth.

I can't stop touching my face

Halo has really transformed the texture of my skin. I have had texturized skin in patches across my face, so its never been completely smooth. I have been using Halo for a week now and I can slowly see the patches smoothening out. Also The texture of the product is very lightweight and hydrating which I love because I hate heavy stuff on my face.

Did what most products haven't been able to do for me.

Since my early 20's I have had a bumpy texture and enlarged pores especially on my cheeks. I have tried everything from regular steaming to exfoliating acids to minimize the size of my pores and have a smooth texture, however, nothing worked so far. With Halo the very next day I felt my skin had that sort of lit from within glow, it felt super smooth and it also makes my pores look small.

I am hooked!

I have long and erractic working hours, and barely get 5 hours or less to catch up on sleep during the week. Obviously, I have the worst dark circles because of this, so an eye cream is a staple for a woman like me who has odd working hours. Revitaleyes has been really hepful in supporting this lifestyle of mine. As the name suggests it has revitalized and refreshed my under eye area. It brightens, de-pufs and also makes the skin around my eye feel really hydrated. Also a little goes a long way.

Makes for smooth concealer application.

I bought Revitaleyes for to treat my under eye dark circles and bags, and its been doing a great job of brightening and de-puffing. I also use it before I apply my concealer, and my concealer has never applied so smoothly. Also it didn't crease as much as it does. Its a must have.


Like many working urban women, I have dark under eyes. I used to think for the longest time that they are dark circles caused by lifestyle habits. Revitaleyes has legit been my only saviour for my dark under eyes. I have spent a fortune on some really hyped under eyes creams and while they have been great for some friends, they haven't done much for my skin. Revitaleyes unlike many under eye creams not only de-puffs but has visibly brightened my under eyes and faded away my under eye pigmentation. Invest in this coz it does what it says.

Great for those who wear makeup.

My job requires me to wear makeup and travel everyday. I have always used a wipe before and then used a soap based face wash to get it all out. But those wipes really feel harsh on the skin. Step 1 has reduced my two steps into one. The texture emuslfies and breaks down makeup without stripping my skin. On days when I wear heavier makeup I just wash my face with Step 1 twice. Also the size is very travel friendly.

Acne attacker

I have been a loyal user of Zap for a very long time and it has been such a saviour for my cystic acne. Step 1 completes the acne routine for me. Just Like Zap, Step 1 did not disappoint. Its has helped control my acne flare ups to a large extent and also helped with blemishes that acne leaves behind. I use it twice a day and follow it up with Zap, and have noticed an improvement in the overall texture of my skin as well. I think the combination of Zap and Step 1 is great for anyone who has acne like me.

Absolutely love it!

I was really attracted to the ingredients in Step 1. I have read alot about the benefits of Avocado and Squalane, and Step 1 is the love child of both their benefits. It really gets out the day's dirt from the face effectively but rather gently. The tightness that you tend to feel after washing your face, I have not felt once with Step 1. In fact it really moisturizes my skin and makes it bouncy. It has made my skin a lot clearer than before as my chin and nose use to be ridden with whiteheads but I don't get them now, probably because theres no build up in my pores

Cleanser of my DREAMS!

I have kind of hated washing my face because I have never found the right cleanser. Some are too drying, some break me out and some don't give you that clean feeling. But Step 1 is legit the best cleanser I have used. It has replaced all my bad cleanser memories with such good skincare memories. First of all it's so gentle on the skin, it doesn't dry out the skin but at the same time it really feels like I have given my skin a deep cleansing session at the spa (it smells divine). I get occasional breakouts here and there but after using Step 1 the frequency of those have also reduced.

Immediately felt a cooling effect

Love the fact you only need a small amount of product. A little goes a long way. I immediately felt a cooling effect which was also felt invigorating on tired eyes.

Removed Make Up Well!

Removed my makeup well.

Instantly hydrated.

Cooling, lightweight eye cream my eyes felt instantly hydrated.

Skin feels clean however not stripped and dry.

Lovely lightweight gel cleanser that made my skin feel clean however not stripped and dry.