Why New Zealand

Clean beauty created in the cleanest place in the world. 

The Purity of New Zealand
Organic Riot’s mission is to create a gentle plant-powered skincare range that works to restore your skin to its purest, most natural form. That’s why it’s formulated in one of the purest places on Earth: New Zealand. Here, tucked away under the Equator and surrounded by great oceans lies an ancient volcanic land that has evolved over millions of years of unpolluted nature. Clean air, fertile soil, and sunshine has born plant life rich in nutrients and life-enhancing qualities. With only birds roaming the country before humans, local flora could grow freely without adapting to a shared existence with mammals. These rare, biodiverse plants possess unique qualities that we seek to harness for skin healing and health. As a result, all of our products are manufactured in this pristine land and deliver the best of New Zealand's nature.

Powerful Soil Equals Powerful Efficacy

New Zealand is naturally blessed with growing conditions that yield plants packed with age-defying and glow-giving properties. It’s pure, pollution-free environment filled with rainforests, rugged mountain ranges, and mineral-rich thermals has harvested potent ingredients found nowhere else in the world.

In particular, our kiwi extract sourced from New Zealand has won international acclaim for its high bioactivity and powerful antioxidants. Grown on land neighboring volcanoes means that the soil is rich with minerals, the air is pollution-free, and no pesticides are used. Coupling this goodness with safe and gentle extraction techniques using only water has made our kiwi extract an elixir of nutrients. As protection from the heat of the New Zealand sun, kiwis inherently generate a high amount of antioxidants. Our fresh cold pressed oil contains up to 2 times the amount of antioxidants than any other kiwi in the world and has won international awards from thousands of raw materials for its high bioactivity.

Safe Extraction Methods in New Zealand vs the World

Many manufacturers extract natural ingredients using a dangerous carcinogenic chemical called Hexane. This process involves heating the extract to 200 ̊C, an act that entirely burns away the ingredient’s bioactivity. In regard to kiwi extract, this ingredient can still be defined as kiwi extract on paper, but it has now lost all its inherent properties that make it so special and beneficial. Our kiwi oil and all the other ingredients in our products are extracted using only water and steam, ensuring that they remain bio-active with full traceability.

Truly Organic

Our philosophy in being an Organic Certified brand extends into our supply chain from Bio-Grow Organic Certified manufacturer to Bio-Grow Organic Certified suppliers. That’s why we manufacture in New Zealand, where traceability laws are the most stringent in the world. Here, the entire supply chain or chain of custody of raw materials has to be Organic Certified in order for a brand to retain its organic status. This allows for greater transparency so that consumers can know exactly where their ingredients come from and why they’re beneficial for their skin, making us a skincare brand you can trust.

Ethically Averse to Greenwashing

New Zealand is ethically averse to greenwashing and so are we. While we stay away from ingredients extracted via chemicals, it’s important to understand the limits of what ‘natural’ and ‘naturally-derived’ can offer by focusing on ingredients that are safe, effective, and sustainable. Some natural ingredients can be harmful, while some chemical ingredients are absolutely safe. For example, natural iron oxide, known as red pigment in lipsticks, contains several heavy metal components while its naturally-derived counterpart contains none. Ingredients that aren’t safe or effective can cause more damage in the long run, which is why we recommend focusing on safety first. By giving you as much information as possible, we hope to help you evaluate your decisions consciously.

Our Award Winning New Zealander Formulator

Our products are developed by one of the world’s most awarded natural skincare formulators. For 40 years, she has been at the forefront of creating winning natural formulas with recognition for her efforts in international publications such as Vogue, Marie Claire, and Wallpaper. Her work in natural skincare for the betterment of society also received one of New Zealand’s highest Civilian Awards - MNZM, as well as the Queen Elizabeth's Honours Award, one of the most prestigious awards given to civilians by Queen Elizabeth. In the 1980s, she founded one of the world’s first natural skincare brands which received accolades for the Best Natural Skincare range and the Most Ethical Company. While she was helming the company, she was honoured with over 20 awards, including the popular Natural Beauty Formulation Awards.

Healthy Beauty Comes from a Healthy Environment

Most people think of safe skincare as simply replacing harsh synthetics with natural ingredients. In fact, the science goes way deeper than that to the methods in which an ingredient is grown and extracted. This affects its purity which, in turn, affects its potency and efficacy. The purity of ingredients eventually reflects in the health of your skin.

A discussion with the director of Agri-Bioresearch at Michigan State University informed us that scientific evidence proves that the microbiome in soil is essential for the potency of the final fruit and the quality of its oil. He emphasized that soil is not inert, but teeming with life and in requirement of our attention.

At Organic Riot, extracting ingredients in a way that is safe, gentle, and correct is equally important to where and how those ingredients are grown. Our main focus lies in sourcing and extraction methods that ensure each ingredient retains its star power and qualities. All of our natural oils are cold pressed and extracted using only water or steam, resulting in a rich bioactive and nutrient-dense oil. During extraction, we work under temperatures of 60 ̊C and stay away from Hexane - a chemical method that weakens the plant’s key benefits.

Just as the difference between good chocolate and great chocolate is found in the quality of the cocoa beans, the difference between good skincare and exceptional skincare lies in the purity of ingredients. To create exceptional skincare, we source the best version of each ingredient from where it naturally flourishes. Locally and globally, the origin of our ingredients span across the globe from organic farms in New Zealand all the way to the rainforests of South America.

Building a Greener Future

New Zealand plans to go Carbon Neutral by 2050. At Organic Riot, we are making small but significant efforts to reduce our carbon footprints as well. As of June 2020, we have prevented the emissions of ~2,000 pounds of greenhouse gases by using only recycled materials in our packaging. Our efforts towards sustainability are recognized in the industry with Organic Riot winning Sustainability Icon Brand of the Year during the Vogue Beauty Awards 2020.

Our goal is to empower you by making you a discerning consumer. If you love skincare, it’s only fair that you educate yourself on every aspect of it. Let’s begin our journey towards becoming more conscious and informed about our skincare decisions, and we can change the world together. Learn more about why we created our brand, our ingredient pledge, our sustainability promise and our supply chain transparency

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